This page is a combination of news, tips and tricks about using Google Apps and other software tools.


 The inability to merge cells has been a big omission from Google Docs.

Now that it's here it will make the move from Word a lot easier, especially if like me you frequently use tables to format documents.
I've always found it surprisingly difficult to draw a shape outline in Photoshop - the red pentagon at right, for instance. These are the steps (helpful instructions found here).
  1. Import your image into Photoshop
  2. Use one of to shape tools to add a shape to your picture. It will be filled (probably black) but don't worry.
  3. Rasterize the layer (Layer menu → Rasterize)
  4. Select the shape with the Magic Wand tool
  5. Select Edit → Stroke and choose colour and width
  6. Maintain the selection or select again
  7. Select Edit → Clear
  8. Save your new image
I keep thinking there must be an easier way, but that's the way I do it.