1. Collaborating on a shared map.

Open the shared map: http://goo.gl/akhXpr & drag on a marker to show where you are from.

2. Importing user generated data into a map.

Complete the form below, and then we'll import the data to make a personalised map.
We'll use the import function to bring in the data from the spreadhseet into a map.

And end up with a map showing favourite cities.


3. Importing data from other sources.

Wikipedia (and other sources) are full of tables crying out to be mapped. Wouldn't it be great if we could import that data? Well, we can!
The first step is to import the data into a spreadsheet. Google has a helpful function "importhtml" and gives you pop-up instructions about what to do.

Once the data is in a spreadsheet - import into a map as above