A branching form presents the user with different questions depending upon their answers.

Try this one: http://goo.gl/RqMLG9

Steps to designing a good branching form:

1. Plan beforehand the structure of your form, making sure each branch terminates properly.

2. Write your from questions in a linear fashion (you have no other real choice). Questions need to be multiple choice.

Insert a page break between each question.

You will navigate your form by directing users to a particualr page based on their answers
to questions. You can choose whether to name pages, but leaving the page name blank gives a cleaner look.

4. Tick the box "Go to page based on answer" and page navigation options will appear after each question.

5. Once you start with navigation you generally need to carry on, as otherwise the form defaults to next question in the chain which will likely mess up your form. It's important to to tick the "Required question" box or else the same thing can happen - defaulting to the next question in the chain.