Flip-It: here's one way you can flip your classroom.

Presentation → screen record with narration → YouTube or Google Drive → Google Sites

Like many teachers you probably already have much of your class content organised in presentations - either as PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Presentations. It is easy to turn these presentations into movies that can then be embedded in websites, posted onto your school's LMS or even simply uploaded to YouTube and the links shared.

Recording your presentation with narration, and exporting as a movie.

PowerPoint on a Windows PC

You're in luck. Microsoft makes it easy to record a narration to your slideshow (PowerPoint 2010 & 2013), and then export your slideshow as a movie, keeping (most) animations and transitions. Find some simple instructions here.

Keynote on a Mac

Also in luck. As with PPT on Windows you can record a narration to your slideshow and then export the movie, keeping transitions. Instructions here.

PowerPoint on a Mac

Alas - on a Mac you can record the narration to a slideshow, but the recording won't be included if you export the slideshow as a movie. You need one of the solutions below.

Google Slides

Not yet possible to record a narration, although you could try Kaizena. As with PPT on a Mac you need to use one of the solutions below.

Playing your presentation while narrating, and recording your screen.

If you can't export with narration the next thing you can do is to play your slideshow while narrating, and record the whole thing. Recording your entire screen would be overkill and result in huge file sizes. If you're not fussy about transitions you can record in the editor as you change from one slide to another, or you can set your slideshow to play in a window instead of full screen. Then narrate and record.

Quicktime  on a Mac
Quicktime Player is built into every Mac computer. As well as playing audio & video Quicktime is also a recorder that can record your entire screen or part of your screen, including narration (File → New Screen Recording). If you have a Mac and don't want to download any new software Quicktime will get the job done.
  (Windows & Mac)
Screencast-o-matic comes as a free version and Pro version (which costs $15 per year). Free version leaves a relatively unobtrusive watermark on videos, while Pro version removes watermark and adds extra tools. Well featured for the price - the Pro version is the recording software I use the most.

Techsmith Snagit
Snagit is a Chrome application + extension that allows you record your screen (with narration) and upload the recording to Google Drive or directly to YouTube. Works well on Chromebooks.

Adobe Captivate
Windows & Mac
Comprehensive like all Adobe products, but costs $300 for Student/Teacher edition. It cam do things simpler (cheaper) software can't, but overkill for teachers.

Techsmith Camtasia
Windows & Mac
From the same makers as Snagit, Camtasia lets you record your screen as well as import video. For screencasting beyond recording your presentations Camtasia has lots of features and offers reasonable educational pricing.

Uploading to Google Drive or YouTube

Once you've made your video upload to Google Drive or to YouTube so you can share with your class.

Google Drive
Pros: can have all the sharing restrictions & controls of standard Drive files. Videos can still be used in schools where YouTube is blocked.

Cons: takes up space in your Drive folder (although GAFE schools can simply create more accounts). Commenting not available, but this could be a positive!

Pros: unlimited space for videos. Easy to share your work with the world. You can create channels showcasing your presentations.

Cons: YouTube may be blocked in schools. Sharing restrictions work differently to Google Drive. Comments can get nasty, if comments are allowed.

Embedding your video in a Google Site.

Simply share the link, or embed your video on a Google Site - Google makes it simple.

If you make a video during this session, upload to Google Drive or YouTube. Set permissions to public or to anyone with the link, enter the details in the form and I'll embed the videos below .


Presentation Video


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